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Online Safety

Online Safety


Being online is an integral part of children and young people’s lives. Social media, online games, websites and apps can be accessed through mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets – all of which form a part of children and young people’s online world.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been wide-scale increased use of technology as a tool for learning, socialising and play, so online safety must be recognised by schools and colleges as a key safeguarding consideration. The update to KCSIE 2021 strengthens the approaches that we are required to implement to ensure we protect our communities online, ensuring education approaches and staff training address the breadth of online safety issues; content, contact, conduct and commerce. 

The internet and online technology provides new opportunities for young people’s learning and growth, but it can also expose them to new types of risks (NSPCC 2020)


Online safety forms a fundamental part of our schools safeguarding and child protection measures.


Please follow the link to read our Online Safety Policy 2022


Please follow the link for our ClassDojo parent guide.  


Please follow this link to the Internet agreement for the children in our school

Our Digitial Learning Curriculum (Online Safety)

CHild Net

For 3-7 year olds

Younger children may interact more with technology than they have done ever before during this time. There are lots of creative and educational ways to help them learn how to do this in a safe and balanced way. Use our activities below to help them manage their online lives whilst staying at home.

National Online Safety Guides

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