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Year Two


We are now able to identify and name a variety of animals and their habitats, we have had the opportunity to explore how these animals have adapted and categorised sea creatures into groups of reptiles, mammals and fish.  We now understand the basic needs of all living things and can compare things that are living, dead or have never been alive. We have also enjoyed making, testing and comparing our own paper aeroplanes as well as building Christopher Columbus ships which we tested to see how many spices they could hold on their journey back to Europe.


As part of our topic, we have been finding out about significant people from the past… we began with Christopher Columbus and discovered all about his voyages across the oceans, we then moved our sights from the ocean to the sky and were fascinated to learn about the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart. Finally, we reached the Moon with our studies on Neil Armstrong, learning and writing about mankind's first landing on the Moon.




Through our Jigsaw curriculum we have learned about 'Being Me in My World' and 'Celebrating Differences'. We recognise how our differences are what make us special and are to be celebrated and understood.

We have challenged our understanding of ‘being responsible’ by thinking about our responsibilities for not only ourselves, our school and our home, but the world around us including our local neighbourhood.


We designed and made our own sea creatures, with moving parts, to fill the aquarium outside of our classes. After discovering the effects of plastic in the oceans, we also made kites using recycled plastic bags to take outside and fly in the wind. We have created replica Amelia Earhart Biplanes with inspirational slogans which we wrote ourselves. Most recently we designed and built our own moon buggies with moving wheels.


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We have experimented with tones in pencil, creating darker areas by pressing harder. We created a similar effect with paint by adding increasing amounts of white or black paint to  create an underwater seascape. Monet has inspired us to create our own bridge pictures and our fantastic mural in the entrance hall has inspired us to create a similar whole school mural which everyone in year two has been involved with.


During the Autumn term we have enjoyed studying Islam and finding out more about the beliefs and customs of Muslims. We have some actions to help us remember the five pillars of Islam. We also learned about the beliefs behind Christmas and created our own advent wreath which we lit each week.



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