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Purple Class


We have been learning about different materials and what they can be used for. We have experimented with silly spoons, estimating how effective spoons will be for eating our morning Cheerios when they are made of paper, material, card, tin foil etc. It was very silly using them to eat with. We have investigated the properties of materials and whether we can ben, stretch, squash and tear them and thought about what sort of uses different materials are put to and why. We worked in pairs to develop a way of protecting one of Willy Wonka's golden eggs as it slid down a factory pipe. We had to choose our materials, think about how to join them and get the egg in and out as well as making sure the egg still fit through the pipe. In our Tewkesbury topic we are now going on to growing herbs for our Medieval Pottage.


Through our Incredible Inventions topic we have found out about all sorts of different inventors. In particular we have learned about Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859) the English engineer who built  the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Great Western Railway and more; Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) the Scottish inventor of the telephone; Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) who founded modern nursing and ran a hospital in the Crimean War and Steve Jobs (1955-2011) an American businessman who started the company Apple. We have found this very interesting and have used our knowledge to do some lovely writing.


Through our Jigsaw curriculum we have learned about Relationships. In particular we have thought about friendships and many of the qualities a good friend has. We have considered and tried different strategies for building good friendships.

This half term we are thinking about 'Changing Me'. It will be interesting to find out and discuss all the ways in which people change as they get older.


We have investigated structures and the effectiveness of different materials for making them. We have looked at how to make them stiffer, stronger or what causes them to wobble. We have had great fun making our own Willy Wonka chocolate bars, using our computing skills to design and print the wrappers and make a finished project. Our tastiest project so far!


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We have looked at art by Quentin Blake and tired out the different techniques he has used to create his art. We think the illustrations to the Roald Dahl books are fabulous and that ours are pretty good as well.


We have been looking at buildings that are special to people from different religions as well as some of the special objects inside them. We have considered why they are special and some of the things that are special to us.


We have enjoyed doing some of our maths outside this term. We have worked on pictograms and block graphs and are currently enjoying our work on Fractions.


We were set a challenge to design or make a prototype of an invention. We enjoyed listening to each other present our ideas and show off our models. Well done to everyone who took part there were some fantastic ideas!

Outdoor Learning

Last term's topic of 'The Great Outdoors' was fantastic even if some of it was taught through remote learning. It meant many of us got out and about at home. We finished the term with a wonderful outdoor event complete with physical challenges, songs around the fire and smores. Yum!

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