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Purple Class

Autumn 2021


This term our work has been based on the unit ‘We are Treasure Hunters’ and has involved us learning all about algorithms.  First we got to be human robots and give commands to our partner using vocabulary like quarter turn, forwards, backwards…then we learned how to record these commands so someone else could understand them. We had great fun giving our teacher instructions to draw a house, this involved lots of de-bugging!!! Next we were very excited to get to use the Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots we had to program them to try to reach different destinations on our map, this involved lots of team work as our algorithm didn’t always get us straight to the treasure.

Shine Time

The children are loving our new ‘Shine Time’  at Northway Infants.  During this time we have a range of activities that embed some of the children’s previous learning and allow them to practise their skills across the curriculum. Take a look the children working together, having fun and learning -they love it.


We have been developing our skills of shading to create tone this term. We started by using our HB pencils and created some super shells and sea creatures and then in our shine time we practised this technique using bold colours. Then we experimented with colour mixing and learned about primary and secondary colours we then used white and black paint to create light and dark tones. Our final artwork was to create our own sea creature to add to our ocean background. We are super proud of them displayed in school.
The year 2. children  have also been busy making willow lanterns which will be displayed at Tewkesbury Abbey as part of the Festival of Light this November.

Spring 2022

  PE Gymnastics

We have had great fun in gymnastics, especially using the wall bars! We have been creating sequences incorporating a range of jumps, rolls and balances on different patches and points. Some of these took a look of practising but we never gave up, some of us can now even balance on our hands.


We have been very busy in art this term learning lots of new skills. Following on from our previous work on colour mixing we have now been mixing secondary colours to make tertiary colours - vermillion, teal, chartreuse were our favourites. 
To link with our work on Roald Dahl we have been learning to draw in the style of Quentin Blake and have developed these skills through the term by adding a colour wash with water paints.

Some of our art lessons have linked to our computing - we are digital artists. Each week we looked at a new artist e.g.Mondrian, Picasso, Kandinsky, Rothko…and practised their work before creating images on the iPads using a Brushes App. 
Our favourite lessons were when we got to practise a range of different painting skills like blow painting and also using different tools to create different effects, we even used a toothbrush for stippling! We have definitely been creative this term which has been our core value.


In music this term we have been learning how to record our music using simple notation using symbols and pictures so that our friends can then play our tunes. We have also been listening to a range of genres of music- rock, pop, classical and jazz and identifying the instruments we could hear and thinking about the tempo of the music and how the music made us feel. Some of us just couldn’t resist a boogie!

We have also been learning about the beat, rhythm and pitch and had lots of fun conducting using the four beats, we had to listen very carefully so we knew which  beat to clap or play our instruments.


We also had a visit from iRock and some of us were lucky enough to have a go in a Northway Band using the drums and electric guitar.


Our school trip to We the Curious…

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