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School Council

The School Council


We have an active and enthusiastic school council made up of two children from each Key Stage 1 class. These children have been voted for by their peers, and their job includes representing their classmates by finding out and sharing their ideas, issues and views at council meetings, feeding back information to their classes, representing the school when we have visitors, and being involved in fundraising.

Our school council meet at least once a month with Mr. Williams, and this provides an opportunity for the children in our school to share their 'voice' and to find ways to make our school and community even better. The views and ideas of the children really do influence school decisions.


Our School Council:

  • Learn how to work as a team
  • Learn negotiation and collaboration
  • Understand that their views are important
  • Learn to understand that everyone else's views are just as important
  • Learn to understand that their role is to share the views of the other members of their class, even if they do not share the same opinion.
  • Share information with the group and with their class and collected information from them through surveys, questionnaires and discussion.


We elected new members of the School Council in September after running Democratic class elections. We currently have 6 members from year 1 and year 2. Reception will be joining us in the summer term. 

November 2023

Visit to Northway Hub

 On Monday 27th November, our School Councillors were invited to the Northway Hub to see our favourite local artist Sam Morris unveil a new piece of artwork that she was commissioned to create using the artwork our school created for the King's Coronation. Our postcard artwork, with words associated with the King, were put together with artwork from Northway Pre-School Playgroup and Carrant Brook Junior School, and is now on display in the Northway Hub. Go and see it if you can, we think you will love it. Pictures to follow shortly .... 


Anti-bullying Week and Road Safety Week:

As part of anti-bullying week, the School Councillors asked all children in KS1 to design a poster based around the theme of the week. These have been created, and councillors will meet soon to decide on their favourites to display around school. 


During Road Safety Week, Councillors helped to promote speed awareness to parents by distributing leaflets on the playground before and after school. 

October 2023

Food Recycling:

Year 2 children wrote to School Council members to ask for help in keeping school clean and tidy. They had noticed whilst doing their litter pick in the local community and around our school, that there were lots of fruit scraps near the bin on the playground. They asked if the Councillors could find a way to recycle this waste. As a School Council, we wrote to the the Council to ask for some more green recycling bins. We are awaiting a response, and hope to have these extra recycling bins as soon as possible, and to be able to talk to the whole school about this. 

September 2023

Birthday Books:

In September 2023, the Councillors launched their first initiative of the year: Birthday Books! 

The children really wanted to do something relating to books for their first project. They decided to ask the children across the school to donate a book to help celebrate their birthdays - rather than bringing in sweets. 

The Councillors hope that this will encourage children to share their favourite books with their friends and also help to be a little bit healthier too. 

Each donated book will have a special sticker placed inside them to show who donated it, and which birthday they were celebrating. The Councillors have also made some birthday/thank you cards to present back to the children too. We will upload photos of any donations soon...

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