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Autumn 2019


We Are All Superheroes!

The children have had great fun this term learning about superheroes. We started off talking about how we are all Superheroes, and what the children had to do to be a super learner. E.g. Super listening, super looking, super thinking and being super kind.

Then we talked about how People Who Help Us are superheroes. We had a visit from the Community Police Officers and the children enjoyed dressing up in police uniform. They looked at the roles of other people who help us e.g. fire officers, nurses, doctors, mechanic, etc. and the children enjoyed role playing fighting fires, and bandaging each other’s legs and arms etc.

We finished off the term with a Superhero day.... dressing up as Superheroes and enjoying a party to celebrate all our great learning.  

Here are a few of our pictures to show how we have been creative making gadgets and drawing and painting to reflect our learning about Superheroes.


This term we have been learnt all our letter sounds and begun reading and writing words!  We are so proud of our achievements.  


This term we have been consolidating our understanding of numbers to 10.   We have been doing lots of counting and looked at different ways in which numbers are represented.  

We enjoyed making pictures with 2D shapes.


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