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Religious Education

Religious Education

At Northway Infants School, we are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in Religious Education.  RE is central to developing our children’s understanding of the world around them and their tolerance of other people and communities

RE at Northway explores how individuals and communities make meaning and sense of their lives through the major religions of the world. It enables pupils to know about, understand and respond to important questions in life.

We aim to instil in our children a curiosity and understanding of people and events in various times, places and environments. We teach children in such a way that inspires them to explore, develop and question their own thoughts, values and ideas, whilst having respect for the faith, belief and values of others.


At Northway Infants School, we follow The Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus for RE and it is taught through a topic/unit approach. The scheme of work ensures that there is a balance between 3 core elements: Making sense of beliefs; Making connections and Understanding the impact; which are woven together to provide breadth and balance within teaching and learning about religions and beliefs.

 In this school, the main faiths taught in KS1 are Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In the EYFS there is a focus on Christianity. However, we do not limit our pupil’s learning to these religions and opportunities are taken to make links to the children’s own lives and other faiths and religions where appropriate, through use of stories and exploring family traditions.

Subject Leader: Alison Stead

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