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Orange Class

Incredible Inventions – Spring Term

In Science we learnt that humans need water, air and food to survive. We also learnt about the benefits of good personal hygiene and exercise. We learnt how to be scientists, we carried out various experiments including testing the properties of materials, making telephones, protecting golden eggs and also picking up cereals using silly spoons. The children developed their team work skills and how to carry out and learn from investigations.

In History and Geography we created maps with physical and human features that showed Sophie’s journey from the orphanage to the BFG. We also drew aerials plans of the giant’s house and used the compass points to move characters across a map. In History Orange class learnt about famous inventors that have influenced the way we live including Alexander Graham Bell and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Later in the term we also learnt about Steve Jobs and how his work has contributed to the huge advancements in computing and technology today.

We have had Art and Computing together this term. We have experimented with colour and tone and have learnt how to make tertiary colours. We found out about famous artists including Rothko and Picasso and made similar artworks on the iPads.  

In Design Technology, we learnt about logos and packaging. The children designed chocolate bar wrappers and chose ingredients to make their own chocolate bar. Children investigated how healthy breakfast cereals are - focussing especially on sugar content, they later made and ate healthier breakfasts.  

 In Music we listened to and appreciated various genres including classical, jazz, pop, and rock and roll. We also focused on finding the tempo and dynamics in music. We particularly enjoyed learning about a short ride in a fast car by John Adams, where we designed our own machine with its accompanying music.

From the Oceans to the Moon

In English, our Year 1s have been studying The Snail and the Whale and our Year 2s have been learning using The Storm Whale book. 

In Science/ English, we have been learning facts about Sea creatures including what they eat and where they live. We have been discovering how the creatures survive by choosing their habitats wisely and how plants and animals fall into food chains. 

In Computing, we have been learning what algorithms are and have been inputting codes into Beebots to direct them across a maze. We have discovered what debugging is and have been using this skill to improve our codes. 

In Art, we have been learning about primary and secondary colours. We have created some water scenery by blending shades of blue. We have created sea creatures using different textures of materials. 

In Music and Dance, we have used untuned percussion instruments to create sea rhythms and have used tuned instruments including Boom Whackers to read and play known tunes. We have also been exploring the Under the Sea music and the way sea creatures move to choregraph a dance. 



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