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Year One

A Few of our Favourite Things

We have had a very busy term as our topic of 'A few of our favourite things' continues. 


We have been reading the story of ‘Dogger’ in our PSHCE sessions. We looked at how Dave might be feeling in the story and created an 'emotion graph' to show all of the emotions and how they have changed.  We also enjoyed thinking about how we might have helped if we had been there.

In DT we used our knowledge of toys and materials that we developed last term to design and make our own puppets using socks! We spent time looking at a design criteria, thinking about what our puppets should have, and then designing them carefully using a variety of craft materials. Our parents came in to help us and we had so much fun sharing our learning with them. The were also fabulous at helping us!

We walked over to St. Nicholas Church to take part in the ‘Christmas Experience’ and learnt all about the Christmas story. We loved hearing about the advent wreath, the gifts given to Jesus and how Mary might have felt when she found out that she was going to have a baby. We were also able to make links to some of the things we had been learning about in our RE lessons.

We read the story of ‘Biscuit Bear’ and decided to make biscuits for a Teddy Bears tea party in the hall. We sequenced instructions, followed them carefully to make biscuits and then wrote our own instructions using bossy verbs. We decorated table cloths and invited our parents in again to come in and share our learning. It was such a lovely morning to celebrate the end of our topic and lots of our parents said how nice it was.

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