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Orange Class

A few of my Favourite Things


Autumn 2023

Below is an outline of what we will be teaching this term and this terms knowledge organiser with key knowledge we want the children to retain.

A few of our favourite things

Mrs Bastin and Mrs Armstrong shared their special things with us and we have begun collecting our special things to share.  We love telling everyone about our favourite things and answering their questions!


We have started the term creating self portraits from first attempts to more detailed drawings following step by step instructions.   We then looked at how to create shade and tone in colours before painting our portraits.  We enjoyed applying our new skills drawing portraits of our friends in SHINE time.


We have been naming different parts of the body and face... singing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes',  playing listen and do games to practise the names and working together to label the body of a friend.

We have started to explore our senses going on a listening walk,  looking carefully to solve close picture clues and using our sense of touch to explore the outdoor area.   


Our first unit is all about numbers to 20! We have been busy practising our counting, exploring place value in teen numbers and ordering numbers.

While in shape we have had fun making and sorting 2D shapes.


We have been exploring our school environment following a map, looking at maps/aerial photos of our school in Google maps and drawn our own maps.  We have learnt about different human and physical features... playing games with actions to help us distinguish between them, sorted pictures and built our own human features in SHINE time.

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