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Orange Class

Flight, Feet, Feathers and Fins

This term we jumped on a hot air balloon to travel around our wonderful world. Our first stop was in the North and South Poles. Here we learnt all about the weather and how cold it was. We also learnt about the life of various animals including polar bears and penguins. We carried out Science experiments to find out what caused ice to melt and what effect salt water has on icebergs. We also learnt about some courageous and determined explorers including Sir Peter Scott and Edward Wilson. We thought about our school value of compassion and the impact of human activity on the environment.

After lockdown, we located the equator on a map and travelled to the middle of world and landed in Africa where we met Sully the Meerkat. He taught us all about his hot climate. We learnt about the African culture through Music and again reflected on the impacts of global warming, this time causing droughts.

We moved on from learning about how animals survive and that some animals eat other animals and plants, and that others only eat animals or only eat plants. We also learnt that some animals hibernate in winter where as some birds/animals that migrate across the world to hotter/cooler climates.

We were excited to have an incubator full of eggs in our classroom which we watched and studied. We learnt all about the life cycle of a chick when we watched the chicks hatch and grow.

In Maths, we learnt how to tell an o’clock, and half past time on an analogue clock and we solved problems about time. We learnt ways to add and subtract using practical resources and number lines and we carried out some data handling. When back at school we learnt efficient methods for adding and subtracting to speed up and make our calculations more accurate.

A Few of our Favourite Things

We have had a very busy term settling into Year 1 and starting our journey through our topic of 'A few of our favourite things'. 


We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the story of 'The Everywhere Bear'.  We have learnt to use adjectives to describe him, nouns to label what he has seen and verbs to describe what he has been doing. We have also learnt to sequence the story by using a story map which we then used to retell the story in our own words.


We have also enjoyed creating wonderful pieces of art and beautiful displays around the school.

We have linked together our learning in Geography and Science too! 

We began by learning about the parts of our bodies and how we use our senses to explore the world around us. Then we learnt about the names of different materials and did some detective work by looking at our houses and what they have been made from. Finally, we tied all of this together by going on a walk around Northway. We thought about what we could hear and smell, looking carefully at what was around us and talked about our local community. We also came back and mapped our route, thinking about 'human' and 'physical' features. 

At the end of term, we celebrated 'Harvest' and 'Autumn' by creating poems and pieces of art. We thought about how lucky we were to have food and made donations to the local Community Food bank. 

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