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Personal Development


From September 2020, we have delivered personal, social and health education, emotional literacy and well being, and an understanding of British values through a fun, creative and engaging curriculum through JIGSAW, a mindful approach to PHSE.

We aim to equip the children with the knowledge, understanding, skills and strategies to live healthy, safe, creative, productive, responsible and balanced lives.

P.H.S.E. sessions provide diverse and enriched learning opportunities, they are very sociable sessions where the children quickly gain confidence in sharing their ideas and working together, developing self-esteem, resilience and recognising and celebrating their own and other children’s achievements through fun tasks and challenges.

Each week the children take part in a different activity that focuses on the PSHE theme. These activities are typically very practical and may involve acting, creating, listening to and reflecting on stories, investigating, making group decisions and always involve plenty of discussion and even debates! 

Through these we will learn and develop an understanding of many things including; citizenship, keeping healthy and safe, valuing ourselves and others, developing empathy, celebrating differences and the need for resilience and setting targets to help overcome challenges.


PSHE lead: Mr Matthew Williams (DHT)

 PSHE Coverage and Progression with Jigsaw FINAL 2023-2024.pdfDownload
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