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At Northway Infant School we recognise the central importance of English as a medium for thought, learning and expression across the curriculum, and as a subject in its own right. It is a life skill that develops strong learning foundations to enable our children to listen, speak, read and write confidently throughout their school journey and on into adult life. Through our English curriculum we aim to develop in all the children.

  • A positive attitude towards all aspects of English.
  • The ability to communicate and respond confidently and effectively with individuals and larger groups to convey ideas and ask questions.
  • A love of reading and books.
  • The competence to produce work of high quality.
  • Persistence and stamina.


We want to ensure we foster and build on children’s love of reading from an early age. Every day the children will enjoy a class story session to develop their listening skills, enrich them with new vocabulary and to develop their ability to respond to a range of questions, use syntax, recognise rhyme...  In class we use guided reading, shared whole class reading and comprehension of texts including cross-curricular links. We also value individual home reading from books that are matched to each child’s reading and phonic stage. We also like to invite parents in for our ‘Remarkable Reading’ sessions on Friday mornings and each year we run reading workshops for parents.


At Northway Infant School we believe that the learning of writing skills should be embedded across the curriculum. The key skills of planning, composing and evaluating, spelling, handwriting & presentation, and grammar, punctuation and vocabulary are therefore taught explicitly in the context of English lessons, but also importantly through cross-curricular writing in other subject to allow children to embed their learning.


In EYFS, writing is about how children build an understanding of the relationship between the spoken word and the written word, and how through making marks, drawing and personal writing, children ascribe meaning to text and attempt to write for various purposes. The appropriate developmental age in EYFS curriculum informs planning for learning activities, and writing materials are always available for the children in their child-initiated learning and play.


Curriculum lead Mrs Julia Barrett-Low



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